Bearer of social responsibility

We recognize our social responsibility. Järvisuomen Teollisuuspuhdistus takes care of its partners, and we also require our subcontractors to operate responsibly. We want to develop and deepen our operating environment responsibly, with consideration for the wishes and requirements of our interest groups. We naturally fulfill all legal and contractual obligations, but in addition, we seek to develop our operation and environment through various voluntary actions.

For us, openness and transparency are more than just words on paper

Openness and transparency are important to our operation. We believe that openness and transparency are the hallmark features of a socially responsible company. We set goals for our operation, whose completion we assess and monitor. By operating consistently and with respect for our customers and partners, we have created a solid basis for our business. We want to benefit our customers, employees and society through productive work. 

United against grey economy

Grey economy causes society significant losses of tax income every year. The problems of grey economy are multi-faceted, however, and affect things like competitiveness of legally operating businesses, employment and employee conditions and the right to get appropriate compensation for work. We are firmly opposed to grey economy and also require our subcontractors to follow this principle. We are a Reliable Partner.

Combating grey economy through the Contractor’s Liability Act

The Contractor’s Obligations and Liability Act enacted in 2007 seeks to combat grey economy. By ensuring that your service provider and partner is committed to the Contractor’s Liability Act, you will add your efforts into combating grey economy. We meet all legal obligations and deliver reports to our partners when needed or as agreed. Read more about the Contractor’s Liability Act:

Commercial Transportation Act 1283/2011

In transportations that are part of our work, we follow the Commercial Transportation Act. We always ensure that our transportations have the permits required by the Act. We also have several transportation permits that allow us to operate in the entire EU area.

Transport buyer’s obligation to investigate, Commercial Transportation Act 5 a §

We deliver the legally required reports automatically to customers who are required by the new law to ask the service provider to provide reports.

Strongest in Finland 2012

In 2012, we received the Strongest in Finland 2012 certificate. Only one Finnish company in ten achieves this classification by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. We are proud to receive this honor, having been a reliable partner to our customers for more than 10 years. The certificate proves that we have made good decisions and implemented effective models in our business. We are a reliable partner now and in the future.

Good credit rating

Our AA credit ratings shows that we are a reliable partner who has built a solid financial base for its business. Only about 7% of Finnish companies get the recognition of an AA credit rating. 

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