Management of process cleaning during a production break

Our tools allow the implementation of a systematic model of operation for work during production breaks from jobs during production shutdown to ones after restart. The services of Järvisuomen Teollisuuspuhdistus have been designed for customers who value holistic service, efficiency and savings in cost. We seek to minimize production losses caused by production breaks.

A systematic process shutdown saves expenses

We invest in good planning, which helps minimize the costs of a production break. A good plan also makes it easier to anticipate future costs, making them easier to prevent and prepare for. Our tools allow the planning of the needs of process cleaning work and scheduling of the cleaning during the production break.

Collaboration with different departments

We involve different departments of our customer’s production in scheduling process cleaning. Together we are able to schedule the production break in a way that allows us to prioritize the right elements.

Production break project plan

Each production break is based on a project plan. The project plan seeks to balance three areas: cost, time, extent. These are like the three sides of a triangle; changes in one will also affect the others. By balancing these, we will reach the best result, which could be described by a fourth dimension: quality. Quality is at the heart of our operation and project plans.

Contents of the production break management plan related to process cleaning

  • department-specific work plan
  • scheduling of critical work at the beginning of the break
  • estimation of and preparation for the amount of work
  • phasing of shutdowns
  • reservation of maintenance resources for the phases
  • safety plan
  • plans for high-risk work
  • reservations for safety training of personnel resources
  • reservation of the break organization
  • sizing of equipment resources for the targets
  • scheduling and target-specific monitoring
  • schedules of other operators working at the same target
  • scheduling and reporting of break meeting practices
  • monitoring of cost structure
  • reservation of resources and training for unexpected extra work
  • work safety supervision and practices during the break
  • quality control and confirmation of quality factors
  • management of wastewater flows according to the production break plan
  • required documentation and management for the waste delivery chain

Information about production break management can be used in the preparation of plans and schedules for future breaks. The information obtained can also be utilized in estimations of cost. 

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