Suction vehicle services for industry and private customers

Järvisuomen Teollisuuspuhdistus offers suction vehicle services to individuals and businesses everywhere in Finland. See also our high-capacity vacuuming services and suction pressure vehicle services.

Order an emptying or cleaning of a sand or oil separation tank.

Our company has the required permits

The professional transportation and collection of oil and sand separation waste requires admission into the waste directory (jätetiedosto) by a regional environment centre. Admission of Järvisuomen Teollisuuspuhdistus into the waste directory: 14.4.2004, updated 4.2.2011, Diary number: KAS-2004-Y-43

Emptying and cleaning of oil separation tanks and oil separation systems

By making sure that oil separation tanks and systems are emptied and cleaned on time, you are being responsible towards the environment. We handle the emptying and cleaning with skill and expertise, and will also take care of documentation related to the task. We will deliver the waste to a legally approved processing plant or place of disposal. Our customers get a written report of the chain of tasks and delivery.

Emptying oil and sand separation tanks for municipalities

Municipal waste disposal rules define the interval of emptying oil and sand separation tanks. In most municipalities, tanks are emptied at least one per year.

Monitoring and recordkeeping

The condition and filling up of sand and oil separation tanks and the functionality of alarms in oil separation tanks must be monitored regularly. A record must be kept of the monitoring and emptying, which includes information about emptying dates, amount of waste, driver’s name and destination. This information must be available on request to the authorities monitoring waste disposal. If the filling up of the sand and oil space of the separators is monitored by measuring, the measurement results must always be compared to the capacity of the separator.

Proper emptying reduces the amount of waste

Emptying the bottom sludge of sand and oil separators and the surface part of the oil separation tank ensure that the separators will function properly. The sediment in a sand separator must be removed long before the sediment reaches from the sand separator to the height of the pipe leading to the oil separator. An oil separation tank must be emptied well before the oil space and/or sediment space fills up.

Emptying and cleaning of heavy fuel oil tanks and systems

Contact us to order an emptying or cleaning of heavy fuel oil tanks and systems.

Emptying and cleaning utilizes special equipment made specifically for the purpose, such as high-pressure boilers, steam boilers and high-capacity vacuuming equipment. Each emptying job will be done systematically and each phase of the cleaning job will be documented for the customer.

We are a skilled and experienced operator

We have emptied and cleaned hundreds of heavy fuel oil tanks in Finland in sizes ranging from 10 to 5,000 cubic meters. We clean the walls, ceilings and floors of the tanks. We have done cleaning as upkeep work and for maintenance operations. We have also done cleaning for inspections. Cleaning work for inspections is usually done in collaboration with the customer and the inspectors.

Ask us about disassembly cleanups

We also do so-called disassembly cleanups for oil systems before their disassembly. This makes the disassembly less messy. The cleanup for a disassembly is also done carefully, but instead of doing a legally required inspection of the target, the target will be made safe for things like disassembly by oxy-fuel cutting. 

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