Recovery boiler cleaning

We clean recovery boilers using the modern methods of robotics or hydrodemolition, which makes cleaning fast and safe. We do special cleanings for different parts of recovery boiler plants. The schedules for production breaks are very tight, and adherence to the recovery boiler stoppage schedule is essential for the success of the maintenance break schedule.

A modern robotic cleaning method

A robotic cleaning method will shorten the stoppage in the boiler plant so that cleaning can begin after the boiler has been shut down, before full cooldown. The earlier method only made it possible to start boiler shutdown after sweeping the superheater, cooldown and opening the manholes. The manual method was slow and accident-prone, which is why our robotic cleaning method has quickly gained popularity.

Efficient robot cleaning saves time and expenses

The production break will remain short and work will be safe. After cleaning, the bottom may be checked by eddy current, for example, and nothing else needs to be done to it. If necessary, we will polish the edges of holes, compound seams and corners of the bottom.

The most typical targets for cleaning and washing in a recovery boiler

1. bottom of the recovery boiler

2. fireplace, walls, corners

3. under the superheater and in front and under the spout

4. superheaters, walls, gaps

5. boiling surface

6. economizers

7. cylinder

8. blowers

9. channels

10. dissolver, mixers, green liquor pipes

Exact scheduling

Recovery boiler cleaning will be timed precisely in conjunction with production plant shutdown. We closely collaborate with the customer even before work begins by doing work site surveys, risk analyses and work plans. We participate in the shutdown phase to time the start of work optimally. 

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