Järvisuomen Teollisuuspuhdistus — your expert in demanding cleaning jobs

Järvisuomen Teollisuuspuhdistus is a company specialized in demanding cleaning services. We have a diverse selection of services that also includes environmental services, recycling services and project services. We are an independent company unaffiliated with central organizations and stock exchanges that takes its social responsibility and the safety of its employees seriously.

We care about our capable staff

Our staff has been involved in productizing services and practices related to industrial cleaning since 1987. Though our company was founded in 2002, Järvisuomen Teollisuuspuhdistus has almost a quarter of a century of experience in the industry. We have seen the industry develop from home-made equipment to factory-made products. We have also seen the demand of our customers change from occasional emergency situations to systematic upkeep and process equipment maintenance, also in process cleaning. 

We collaborate with both Finnish and international partners in BAT equipment technology as well as in sharing and learning KnowHowShare.

We have a broad customer base

Our customers include industrial plants, construction companies, maintenance companies, the public sector and private operators. We operate in EU industrial areas from our base in Lappeenranta.

Cornerstones of our operation

  • flexible service that adjusts to the needs of our customers,
  • reliable delivery,
  • efficiency,
  • comprehensive and technologically advanced equipment, and
  • a continuous process of learning and development.

Careful planning and a reliable model of operation

We put great effort in planning our work, and with recovery boilers and high pressure cleaning, for example, we will visit the production plant well in advance to evaluate the situation, so that work can be timed optimally and the production break will be kept as short as possible. Our chart of quality operation and management works like a spiral spring: it bends, stretches, lasts and is an endless loop on many levels acting as continuums of one another – always learning from one another, collecting information and developing. 

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