High-capacity vacuuming

Our high-capacity vacuuming equipment is suitable for emptying, cleaning and transporting almost anything. From Lappeenranta, we offer high-capacity vacuuming everywhere in Finland. Our service is used by individuals as well as industrial operators. Our industrial customers use our vacuuming service mostly for the maintenance of production equipment and buildings, construction and private customers mostly at renovation sites.

The filtration systems of high-capacity vacuum cleaners filter the air flowing through them using a dual filtration technique. The filters used by Järvisuomen Teollisuuspuhdistus fulfill the HEPA standards.


Targets include containers, tanks, canals, settling basins, aeration basins, sludge basins, pipe tunnels, etc. We use efficient high-capacity vacuum cleaners with tank capacities of 8 - 15 m3 and outputs of 5,000 – 10,000 m3/h for targets including the following: fire loads of transporters, lime kilns, bubbling fluidized-bed boilers, wood pulp drying machines, woodchip transporters, sieve rooms, sawmills and different filtration systems.

Removal of fire loads by vacuuming

One of our basic jobs is the removal of fire loads by vacuuming. We have developed many tools to facilitate the work and developed working methods that allow the quick and reliable removal of volatile dust loads.

High-capacity vacuuming at renovation sites

High-capacity vacuuming is also used at renovation sites on order by private customers or the construction industry. High-capacity vacuuming is used for things like the removal of organic insulation materials or wool, as vacuuming is safe, quick and dustless. 

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